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Posted By: little john cameron
29-Apr-02 - 12:47 PM
Thread Name: BS: Scots Rhyming Slang???
Subject: RE: BS: Scots Rhyming Slang???
Hampden Roar,aye ah mind it weel.Ah lived 8 miles awa fae the park an' ye could hear it there.Ah only went wan time, bit for a stert ah couldnae see bugger aw as ah'm too wee an' ah nearly got trampled oan the wie oot.
The rhymin slang has been oan the go for years.However,me bein o' the upper class never yased it.When ah went tae work in Glesga ah had tae learn the slovenly wie o' speakin as ah wis made fun o' .Stick in a few "ANNATS" every few sentences an' rin the words thegither an' ah wis talkin like a native in nae time.Aw that braw education an' elite upbringin doon the stank.ljc