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Posted By: Amos
24-Apr-02 - 11:18 AM
Thread Name: MUDCAT CD III: Keep It Rollin' Home!
Subject: RE: MUDCAT CD III: Keep It Rollin' Home!
Thanks, Willie-O!! I'll download them tonight.

My preferred format with experience to date is either a CD (the files appear as .cdda suffix, I think) or MP3 files. I can handle .wav, .aiff but not RealAudio formats using ITunes under OSX -- piece o'cake. The SW takes any of these and does the conversions. I can preset filters and levels for the burn as well, and I think we have sound talent (no pun intended) in line for doing a review of settings, blending, levels, compression for the final. Tapes can be handled by direct patch from audio out to record on Peak recording SW but there is often a noise level that has to be filtered out coming from the mechanical and analog side. There are a good number of singers out there who don't have the means to go digital. I can also accept MiniDisc recorder discs if they are compatible with my Sony MDLP. Minidiscs are not fully standardized across the industry as to format, as far as I know, either physically or logically -- the tech is still settling out.

Now about deflowering your CD-burner, Willie-O ... :>) Never mind; I am trying to be well-behaved here, except for Max' birthday wish.

Note: The Mudcat Global Cheerleading and Worldwide Song Acquisition Center and Compilation Service Unit (MGCWSACCU) will be off-line this weekend (most of it, anyway) but the thoughts will still be flying out there for y'all to get your songs onto any medium that works (except psychic ones -- they're way too much to handle!) and en route!!

Warmest regards,