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Posted By: Amos
23-Apr-02 - 01:12 AM
Thread Name: MUDCAT CD III: Keep It Rollin' Home!
Subject: RE: MUDCAT CD III: Keep It Rollin' Home!
Attaboy, Khandu. You should talk, with a name like that, you gotta be the most optimistic handle in this burg!!

I mean, who else could lay claim to such a khandu attitude?

I'm excited too, honestly... this gang means a lot to me, and you all deserve anything I can do to move things along in my way.

Hey -- what're you doing goofing off at that monitor for -- you sent in your song yet??? C'mooon!! Le's roll on home!!


Roll on, Buddy!
Doncha roll so slow!
Just sing that song,
An' let the CD roll!!