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Posted By: harvey andrews
19-Apr-02 - 03:04 PM
Thread Name: Lyr Req/Add: 'Hostile to the opposite sex' songs
Subject: Lyr Add: I GOT THE MORTGAGE
Haska music 2002

I met him on the street. He said, "You write those story songs.
Mine can't be beat, though it's another done me wrong.
I did not want to lose her but she said she had to go
She went straight to a lawyer, now what do you know?

CHORUS: "I didn't get the house. I got the mortgage.
I didn't get the kids. I tried in vain.
I didn't get the dog. My den's in storage.
I got the heartache. I got the pain."

"I was out on the road before the rising sun.
I was working for gold. She was out there having fun.
I was the last to notice, the one they wouldn't tell,
But then she made me walk her road to hell. CHO.

When he turned to leave, I said, "You know, I'll write that song.
It's hard to believe, but I'm another done me wrong.
I did not want to lose her, but she said she had to go.
She must have gone to the same damn lawyer, 'cause what d'you know?