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Posted By: Ebbie
18-Apr-02 - 06:00 PM
Thread Name: Songs you're fed up with playing/hearing
Subject: RE: BS: Songs you're fed up with playing/hearing
I agree, old Maui is definitely on the list.

Last night at music, I was reminded of another one: 'New River Train'. When I was a kid in the 40s and picking pole beans for pocket money in the summertime, we kids used to sing endlessly in the fields, 'Oh, my darlin', you can't love one', etc, ad nauseam. It was on the order of 99 Bottles of Beer on the Wall.

I never heard the new river train refrain, and I suspect that was tacked on later. In any case, I don't consider it a good song, no matter how you approach it, and I don't understand why good musicians like to perform it. It's not even fun to pick, much less sing.

Rant off.