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Posted By: Chicken Charlie
18-Apr-02 - 02:26 PM
Thread Name: Lyr Req: Chicken Is Nice (Dave Van Ronk)
Subject: Lyr Add: CHICKEN IS NICE (Van Ronk - adapted)

I can semi-help. I used to sing that one, but as often happens in folk music, I localized it (to southern Oregon) so the town names are different. But localize it to your own locale anyway, as there's no sense singing about Montana if you are in West-By-God-Virginia.

I don't want no wife from Coos Bay;
I don't want no wife from Coos Bay.
The only dish ... she can cook is fried fish;
I don't want no wife from Coos Bay.

...from Gold Hill;
If I move around, she'll put me in the ground ....

...from Eugene;
If I'm out late at night, she'll challenge me to a fight.

...from Salem;
Meanest mothers-in-law that you ever saw.

...from Medford;
When my money gets low, to another she'll go.

Chicken is nice; chicken is nice.
Chicken is nice with palm butter and rice.

And I suppose there were many more but it's been a long time.