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Posted By: GUEST,Russ
15-Apr-02 - 03:47 PM
Thread Name: Help: Personal Songbook question
Subject: RE: Help: Personal Song Book question
Les B,
When the laptop goes down I know enough songs from memory that I can pull my weight in a song circle. I just happen to love a lot more songs than I can remember.

Even if the hard drive dies, I've got so many backups in so many different locations that I wouldn't miss a beat.

You put your finger on the real problem, power. A laptop is not the best choice for a campfire setting or the Halliehurst porch at Augusta no matter what the claimed battery life is. And laptops are indeed fragile. My songbook laptop is an old cheap "junker" that I bought to use only for that one purpose. I chose it specifically with the thought that if somebody stepped on it in the dark or it got dropped in the cassoulet (you're kidding!) it would not be a significant loss. I position the laptop low so that it does not block anybody's view of me. I assume that some people wish I wish position it higher.

A friend uses a Palm Pilot to store words, but the screen is just too small to be useful for these old eyes. Another uses a Palm o store tunes.