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Posted By: Gervase
15-Apr-02 - 07:51 AM
Thread Name: Help: Personal Songbook question
Subject: RE: Help: Personal Song Book question
I used a Psion for a while, until the piss-taking got too much (and someone dropped it into a ot of cassoulet around a camp fire - it survived, but smelled might strange afterwards).
The problem with 'leccy things like laptops and PDAs is that they need power, and the text is usually difficult to read unless the screen is up at 45 degrees and the font is enlarged to Autocue size - and that seems pretty antisocial in a social session for my liking.
Unless they have solid-state media (like the Psion or the Palm), they're also pretty vulnerable to bangs - as I know from bitter experience when I dropped a PowerBook with the hard disk spinning and wiped out several chunks of the media as the heads ploughed into the disk. They may be tough, but not that tough!
Dick Greenhaus has a nifty little gadget, though - halfway in size between a laptop and a Psion, with a full colour screen and the whole DigiTrad on it.
I'll stick with the Filofax, though - it fits in the pocket and can be dropped, slept on, used as a doorstop, scribbled over and the leather smells better with a liberal application of decent bitter. And it costs a darned sight less than a laptop.