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Posted By: Willie-O
10-Apr-02 - 08:51 PM
Thread Name: Worst accent or what?
Subject: RE: Worst accent or what?
Since we don't have accents in Canada we are all experts at identifying other peoples'.

The worst accent performed by an American playing an American character, ever, was the lovely Kirsten Dunst in a recent TV feature movie called "Deeply". She was supposed to be a fisherman's daughter on an east coast island--her having a go at the New England twang, when she managed to even try, was simply dreadful. So was the rest of the movie, by the way, a stunningly derivative ripoff of the "Celtic/Maritime motif" which borrowed liberally from both "Titanic" and the wonderful "Secret of Roan Inish", but had none of the latter's deftness and all of the former's ponderous improbability.

On the other hand, I simply adore the young English actress Emily Lloyd, who did what I thought was a great job of a southern accent as a teenage Southern girl in "In Country", from the Bobbie Ann Mason novel about coming-of-age in the South. Any of you Southerners got a perspective on this?

Another absolute worst, which falls squarely in the "what the hell was the casting agent thinking?" category, was Jodie Foster's unlikely performance as a French Resistance agent in some highly forgettable mini-series. The only 1943 French girl who spoke English with a complete midwestern drawl. Way past odd.

I could probably go on, but I would think of some more of these oddities, and that would be wrong.