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Posted By: Stilly River Sage
10-Apr-02 - 01:33 PM
Thread Name: Worst accent or what?
Subject: RE: Worst accent or what?
Tracy Ullman is a dream to listen to as she switches accents at the drop of a hat. She's also incredibly funny, and I was sorry to see her disappear in favor of the filler she used (the Simpsons). Jane Seymour is very good at American and other accents. I agree with a remark above, it is interesting to watch British television programs in which American accents are attempted. There used to be a program on about a vet in a zoo (then he moved into a wildlife park) in which later shows a woman played a fellow vet/dolphin trainer. Whoever wrote the dialog kept dropping these very non-American clunkers into was was an otherwise pretty credible accent. "Bottle tops" was the one that got me the first time.

Some American accents from the deep south and Appalachia I can't understand very well, particularly over the phone. I find in living in Texas now that there tends to be a merging of the accented southern with the slower speech patterns of the Midwest that creates some highly entertaining dialect. I wouldn't try to repeat it, however, and am annoyed when I return home to the Seattle area to have people try to listen for "southernisms" or any accent creeping into my speech. I've worked to avoid it, and to keep my children from acquiring southern accents, because there is a bias in this country that southern accents somehow represent a lack of intellect. Perhaps you have to grow up somewhere other than the south to harbor this unfair attitude, but since it exists I've worked to keep all of us speaking a clear and relatively unaccented English.