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Posted By: Ian Darby
01-Apr-02 - 07:12 AM
Thread Name: Ever played a Les Paul guitar?
Subject: RE: Ever played a Les Paul?
Van Lingle..

Nigel wasn't actually playing the guitar, he was showing it to the interviewer and kind of humming the sustain.

It was ages before I found out that the actors were American. The Bass player went on to provide some of the voices for the Sinpsons.

I think it was a tragedy that on of the earlier drummers choked on vomit, (someone else's.)

This video should be required viewing for all musicians, together with The Last Waltz and The Blues Brothers.

These have been responsible for catchphrases that have entered common Band language.

"This goes up to eleven." "D minor, the saddest of all keys." "I'm a professional, I'll rise above it." "Their audience is merely becoming more selective." "St Hubbins? he was the patron Saint of quality footwear."

"Not that I don't like music." "I just want to break even."

"Bob's Country Bunker?" "Chicken Wire?"

I think I should have started a new thread, also, somebody should do a folk version.