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Posted By: The Walrus
24-Mar-02 - 05:24 AM
Thread Name: Politically incorrect national anthems
Subject: RE: Politically incorrect national anthems

It was the US armed forces that invaded Canada, not the other way round (wasn't it a Senator from Kentucky who claimed that one battalion of Kentucky militia could conquer the whole of lower Canada alone?). As for the impressment of American seamen, yes it happened, but then there was always the definition of who was an American? The British principle was that if you were born British, you were British (and as a sailor liable to be pressed, unless you had a "certificate of protection") the Americans seemed to believe that if you could get to any American territory (or ship) and say you were American, that was good enough (hence the number of RN deserters serving on American ships (civil and military - it was the only trade many of them knew). As for the British being on US soil, yes, it was a counter attack, there was as far as I have read it, no plan of conquest in London (everyone was a little tied up with this Corsican chappie causing trouble at the time), that's not to say that London wouldhave turned it's nose up at extending Canada, but it wasn't part of the plan. Oh, and burning chunks of Washinton was revenge for the Americans burning bits of York/Toronto. As for SSB, personally, I think it works better as a poem than a song,but it's not my anthem, so I don't have a say.