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Posted By: The Pooka
22-Mar-02 - 09:06 PM
Thread Name: Politically incorrect national anthems
Subject: RE: Politically incorrect national anthems
Re Soldier's Song - Amos - belatedly, thanks! Very very good. I agree with the sentiments of course.

McGrath of H. also, thanks for (as always) good info.

allie kiwi - yeah I also learned it with "bhearna baoghail"--the one bit of Irish surviving into the English tranlation, I guess; presumably for the rhyme with "woe or weal". I had copied/pasted lyrics from somewhere or other; I presume "gap of danger" (which I *had* seen before, too) is a translation thereof.

I've sometimes thought that in the unlikely event Ireland were to change her anthem again (I believe it used to be "God Save Ireland"), maybe "Come By The Hills" would be nice. / OK, a bit wimpy --- but nice.

allie kiwi (admittedly I'm guessing here, from your name) -- but this one's pretty good, IMO (as with The Soldier's Song, I'm pasting only the English version):

God of nations at thy feet-
In the bonds of love we meet-
Hear our voices we entreat-
God defend our free land.-
Guard Pacific's triple star-
From the shafts of strife and war-
Make her praises heard afar-
God defend New Zealand.-
Men of ev'ry creed and race-
Gather here before thy face-
Asking Thee to bless this place-
God defend our free land.-
From dissension, envy, hate-
And corruption guard our state-
Make our country good and great-
God defend New Zealand.-
Peace not war shall be our boast-
But should foe assail our coast-
Make us then a mighty host-
God defend our free land.-
Lord of battles in they might-
Put our enemies to flight-
Let our cause be just and right-
God defend New Zealand.-
Let our hope for Thee increase-
May Thy blessing never cease-
Give us plenty, give us peace-
God defend our free land.-
From dishonour and from shame-
Guard our country's spotless name-
Crown her with immortal fame-
God defend New Zealand.-
May our mountains ever be-
Freedom's ramparts on the sea-
Make us faithful unto Thee-
God defend our free land.-
Guide her in the nations van-
Preaching love and truth to man-
Working out thy glorious plan-
God defend New Zealand.-