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Posted By: GUEST,ciarili
22-Mar-02 - 02:14 AM
Thread Name: Politically incorrect national anthems
Subject: RE: Politically incorrect national anthems
Well now, where to start...kinda felt like a good rebuttal was in order toward the Knucklehead bashing all the non-Dems/Thought-Police of America....

I like God Bless America, but that would never get past the Democrats, who at this point are but thinly veiled Socialists, something they share with the Nazi party. (After all, who's responsible for all the PC crap in the first place?) That little bit about God couldn't possibly fly, because it sounds Christian, which equals evil to a PC-conscious leftist. Never mind the special considerations given to every other religious group on the planet, or that you can think of God as whatever you conceive him to be. A rose by any other name....

"Teach your children well" is primary in the thoughts of non-Democrat-Socialists, actually. That means taking education (never meant to be in the purvue of the Federal Government in the first place - duh) out of the hands of the Federal Government because it has failed miserably! Remember that little thing about "provide for the common defense?" Nothing in there about education, federal welfare, abortion, etc., etc.. So, I'm not sure whose political sentiments above are misguided, but it ain't us regular folks who have decided that everybody has to think like we do or they're evil commie bastards!