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Posted By: Steve-o
12-Mar-02 - 05:41 PM
Thread Name: Singalong songs for St. Patrick's Day
Subject: RE: Singalong songs for St. Patrick's Day
Sorry to hear Frank and others are so hung up on "authentic" Irish songs as opposed to the many "Americanized" ones that people want to sing and hear around St. Patrick's Day. Know why people want to hear those? Because they're great, timeless tunes, straightforward words, wonderful strong sentiments, and are generally done on nice simple acoustic instruments. I used to play mandolin in an American-Irish band, and I learned to love all these songs. There's not another culture that has so much music that is an integral part of its collective life that translates so perfectly to the "American ear". I'm an Italian-American....can you think of any of those wonderful Italian ditties that we all know the words and tunes to, and that we gather together in pubs and bars to sing together??!! Fiddler's Green, Shipyard Slips, Whiskey on a Sunday, Galway Bay, Leaving of Nancy, Bold O'Donahue....whether they are genuine or not, they are WONDERFUL.