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Posted By: katlaughing
12-Mar-02 - 04:35 PM
Thread Name: Mudcat CD maybe?
Subject: RE: Mudcat CD maybe?
Mudlark, please remind me, in a PM, when it looks like we are getting closer to doing this? Thanks.**BG**

For people who want to put a few songs up with not too much effort, I would recommend Hesperis suggested it to me for my brother's music. It is free, easy to set up, the only thing that bothered me a little was they were in the middle of some artists' vote and it took them a while to approve the site and add it. They have prefab pages and it is very easy to uplaod your files to them.

For an example of what can be done, please click here. I did that in an afternoon, rush job, but at least now we have a place online for folks to go listen. Word of warning, those are all live recordings, pre-digital days, taken off of cassette masters, which in turn were from reel-to-reel and video masters. Also, the Ode to the Rockies was the first ever world premier the orchestra had ever performed.'s "vintage"...a real collector's item!**BG** The piano pieces were performed by the composer at the Music mansion in Providence, RI.

Below is what IUMA has to say about themselves:



It was back in the good old days - 1993 - when Jeff Patterson and a couple of friends formed the Ugly Mugs. They yearned to play their finely honed tunes like "Cold Turd on a Paper Plate" and "Abracadaver" for more than a few drunks in a bar. So, they hacked together a pretty cool web site called the Internet Underground Music Archive, IUMA for short. (As you can see, they suck at naming bands, songs and web sites). The idea caught on, and soon a few thousand of their friends' bands joined them.

Today, IUMA is the one place to post your music where actual musicians are watching out for you - not weasels watching the numbers. You have your own URL with your band name first. And a custom web page where you can post all your band info and MP3s, sell CDs, create message boards, fan lists, and of course, get e-mail from your fans - all Free.

The IUMA mission is simple - for every artist with a record deal, on FM radio, or in Tower Records - there are a thousand talented artists chasing that dream and a million new music fans who will never get to hear their music. We're changing all that - bringing these artists and fans together, getting the music out and giving new music fans a cool new way to discover new music.

Using the site is easy. Go to the home page, find a genre of music you like, and start listening to new music. You can sample it in Real Audio and then pull the MP3s when you find something you like. You can also visit Artist's IUMA web site and interact with the artist through email and message boards. If you've got work to do, we suggest you launch IUMA Radio and let your favorite genre play in the background while you work.

At the heart of it all, IUMA is about letting the music speak for itself, and letting the artist speak directly to their fans. We remain committed to the independent musician and will continue to bring you the future of music.