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Posted By: Jerry Rasmussen
10-Mar-02 - 02:16 AM
Thread Name: New Jerry Rasmussen fan!
Subject: RE: New Jerry Rassmussen fan!
Hi, Michaelr: Here it is, two in the morning, and I'm responding to you. Just had a beautiful evening and am too excited to sleep. Yes, Larry... time to start a new thread, I think. There are certainly many Mudcatters who would be enthusiastic about all of this who don't realize the conversation is even going on because they have no idea who I am, and have no reason to check the thread. I'm glad that you're enjoying the tape, Larry and the offer still stands to others who wonder who I am, and as Sian put it, why I am new. There is a much better chance of something happening with a CD if this conversation has its own thread. (I vote for a sampler, or samplers, myself.)

Back when I was still working and people would approach me filled with enthusiasm for a new project, I'd ask them several questions. It helped focus the project and give it a better chance of success. The most obvious questions are:

What is the REASON you think it is a good idea?
Who is your audience?
What do you want to accomplish?

If there is general agreement on those three questions, then there's a much better chance that most people will be sastified.

I'll give you my response to those three questions. Yours may be different.

I think that it is a good idea, because I think Mudcat would be even stronger, and more fun if we knew what we all sound like, and what kind of music we love.

I think our audience is us. If that's the case, it eliminates some of the questions about whether someone is "good" enough to be on the CD (orCDs.) We wouldn't be shooting for next year's grammys. Personally, I'd like to hear CatLaughing,Greg Stephens, Sian(c'mon, Sian) and many others who I only know as these little black squiggles on my computer screen. I'd feel that I know them better, and what I might be able to share with them.

I guess I've answered the third question.. I'd just like to know Catters better, know what they liked, what they cared about, and what kind of music comes out of them.

Others may want a more professionally produced CD where people are culled out because they may not be as polished. If your audience is broader than Mudcat, then you might want to do a "Best of Mudcat" Cd (although not with that title. Many of us have our own CDs out, or are in the process of recording them. I don't think we need Mudcat's involvement for that. But, if a Mudcat CD was produced, I'd sure buy one!

Just thinking out loud at 2 in the morning.