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Posted By: Coyote Breath
08-Mar-02 - 08:50 PM
Thread Name: New Jerry Rasmussen fan!
Subject: RE: New Jerry Rassmussen fan!
A Mudcat CD! Wotta concept! If it is possible, why not just have a dropdead date. Those who send something (to someone) by that date get put on the CD (Warts - as Jerry sez - and all!). Kinda scary, huh? but aren't we all 'catters (or are some of us 'mudders'?) living the free life? Ready for anything? Of course!

There was a thread a while back that seemed to suggest there wasn't a great need for expensive equipment and programs if the music was being taken from a pre-recorded source. We could send two numbers and let the decision be that at least one of them would get onto the CD. I'm up to doing some grunt work (whatever that might be) on this if anyone's interested.