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Posted By: Genie
06-Mar-02 - 04:11 AM
Thread Name: Singalong songs for St. Patrick's Day
Subject: RE: Singalong songs for St. Patrick's Day
Well, another St. Patrick's round of festivities will soon be upon us. You folks who mention that Americans just us the day as an excuse to get drunk are pretty much right, of course. At least it's an excuse for a PARTY and a PARADE and a chance for Hallmark to make money.
About the time this thread was started, I even went into a Portland (Oregon) pub that had an Irish name on St. Patricks and found, to my chagrin, that the music they were serving up with their green beer was good old American ROCK music--nothing with either an Irish or an Irish-American flavor at all!

Folks in retirement communities (not all of which are "rest homes") generally like the Irish-American pop and show tunes and the Irish-American standards from the late 19th and early 20th C., for the same reason that folks in my generation like Elvis and the Beatles--it's the music of their youth.
I do find, though, that if the music is instrumental (no singer) and lively, many of those same folks --as well as many of the generation X-ers and generation Y-ers --can get into it. (They don't HAVE to have heard an instrumental piece before to appreciate it.)

BTW,Kat, "H-A-R-R-I-G-A-N" was written by George M. Cohan in the nineteen-teens.