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Posted By: Dicho (Frank Staplin)
01-Mar-02 - 06:30 PM
Thread Name: Word meanings in Banks Of Sicily
Subject: RE: Word meanings in Banks Of Sicily
"Fey" is quite widespread in the USA and Canada, quite possibly because there is no real substitute. Because it is an old, old word, it has several meanings now, which are usually clear from the context of the writing or speaking.
Webster's Collegiate has quite a write-up. Part of it: Before 12th Century. Chiefly Scot. 1a. fated to die 1b. marked by a forboding of death or calamity; 2a able to see into the future 2b marked by otherworldly air or attitude. 2c crazy or touched; 3a precious 3b unconventional
I take it the Scottish use is mostly that listed under 1; in the States, 2b seems to be most common although 1a and 1b are not uncommon.