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Posted By: GUEST,noble savage
13-Feb-02 - 02:04 PM
Thread Name: Junior Button Accordion
Subject: RE: Help: Junior Button Accordion
Oops, just read this here; now I understand. I have 2 of those little boxen myself. Yes it's possible to play 'em simply-I have also (once) played for a set of reels with one. It was a lot of work, more trouble than it was worth, but-well, I just *had* to know... 1. Replace the left hand strap with something bigger 2. Ditto the thumb-strap(you'll need it with one of these) 3. Place it on the outer part of your left thigh 4. The air button is the bottom one on the left side. Press it(think of it as a clutch pedal) draw the bellows out a moderate distance. 5. I recommend "Oh, Susannah" as a good practice tune. Work the melody side first, add the chords as you learn them. Write here if you need help. Hope this helps...