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Posted By: GUEST
12-Feb-02 - 09:45 AM
Thread Name: BS: Stop the maddness (trolling that is)
Subject: RE: Stop the maddness (trolling that is)
Several revealing comments from several members here about their beliefs re: trolling behavior.

One is that posting without filling in the from line is trolling. This despite the fact that most website message boards with guest log-ins allow it. I post as an anon guest on a number of message boards in cyberspace, and Mudcat is the only place where I've been challenged for doing it.

Second, is the idea that posting something controversial is not trolling if you are a member, but is if you are a guest. Again--that troublesome double standard Mudcat loves so much.

Third, that pseudonomic posting isn't anonymous posting seems to be presumed. Pseudonomic posting IS anonymous posting, as defined anywhere else in cyberspace. But because so many Mudcat members post with pseudonyms, whether they remain anonymous or not, that they are in denial about the fact that most posting done on website message boards on the internet are done anonymously using pseudonyms.

Thanks for refreshing this RichM.