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Posted By: GUEST,Laura
12-Feb-02 - 09:39 AM
Thread Name: BS: Stop the maddness (trolling that is)
Subject: RE: Stop the maddness (trolling that is)
I am a guest. I've looked up lyrics here in the past week and have had some help from some of the members in finding lyrics too. I really like the site, but am surprised at all the hostility between regular members and guests. From scanning thru some of the threads, I gather that it is caused from guests whose purpose is not to discuss or look up music, but to cause controversy and agitate people. Now I am only a guest and maybe should not even be posting this in here, but it seems to me that fighting back and responding to their ignorance only feeds the fire. If they were completely ignored, they would soon tire of this site and move on to somewhere else that they could get attention. There is a saying that the more you stir s**t, the more it stinks. I think that many of you have the right idea. Good luck!