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Posted By: Dave Bryant
12-Feb-02 - 05:23 AM
Thread Name: BS: Stop the maddness (trolling that is)
Subject: RE: Stop the maddness (trolling that is)
Iwas in two minds about posting to this, because the trouble with threads discussing Trolling is that they tend to attract this very response themselves. Surprisingly, we've only attracted one unamed GUEST so far, and he seems to be mute.

Perhaps we should use the same method of dealing with Trolls that seems to be effective with that other nuisance - wasps (the sort that buzz and sting - mind you that sounds a bit like Trolls anyway). You know the idea of using a sticky jam-jar full of water to attract them away to somewhere else where they'll become entrapped and drown themselves. Carefully designed threads that no Troll could resist, with computer generated mock postings to keep them coming. Perhaps (if they're not using a killer) it could drop some undesirable pop-ups on them as well. When there's enough of them hooked, just delete the thread. Might keep them out of other people's hair.