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Posted By: Ferrara
21-Mar-99 - 10:38 AM
Thread Name: Pozo Seco Singers...What happened to 'em?
Subject: RE: Pozo Seco Singers...What happened to 'em?
Gary, Ian and Sylvia did "The Renegade" too. I've always loved it. BUT. Have been spending too much time typing in lyrics lately, forgive me, I'm too lazy right now to hunt for the record, transcribe, etc. If I don't remember within the next week, and no one else posts it, would you send me an e-mail or personal message to remind me? I really enjoy finding and typing songs for other Mudcatters, so don't hesitate to nudge me. But this week will be quite insane so it's unpredictable - on the other hand, I may go look up the song just to take a break from the real world. - R. Ferrara