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Posted By: Steve in Idaho
09-Feb-02 - 01:29 PM
Thread Name: What the hell is a 'salty dog'?
Subject: RE: What the hell is a 'salty dog'?
In the Marines an "Old salt" or "Salty dog" was someone who had been in the Corps for a while, been around the world, and seen a lot of the things others hadn't. By virtue of the Germans giving the Marines the nickname "Teuflehunde" (Devildogs for our tenacity) during the battle of "Belleu Woods" and that salt was from the sea (washing one's uniforms in the salty water made them turn almost white) we used the term "Salty Dog" to mean a Marine who had been around a while and wasn't really inspection material - but was a top combat Marine.

I have no idea if this is a connection or not - but all of the above mentioned would certainly fit with an old Marine!

Let's see now - what is that verse from the Marine's Hymm????

If the Army and the Navy ever looked from Heaven's scene - - They would find their wives are sleeping - with United State's Marines. *BSEG*