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04-Feb-02 - 02:43 PM
Thread Name: Lyr Req: Dumbarton's Drums
Subject: Lyr/Tune Add: DUMBARTON'S DRUMS
[from Orpheus Caledonius, II, p. 16, 1733}

Dumbarton's Drums


Dumbarton's Drums beat bonny--O,
When they mind me of my dear Jonny--O,
How happy am I,
When my Soldier is by,
While he kisses and blesses his Annie--O!
'Tis a Soldier alone can delight me--O!
For his graceful Looks do invite me--O:
While guarded in his Arms,
I'll fear no War's Alarms,
Neither Danger nor Death shall e'er fright me--O.

My Love is a handsome Laddie--O,
Genteel, but ne'er foppish nor gaudy--O:
Tho' Commissions are dear,
Yet I'll but him one this Year;
For he shall serve no longer a Cadie--O.
A Soldier has Honour and Braverry--O,
Unacquainted witth Rogues and their Knavery--O:
He minds no other thing,
But the Ladies or the King;
For every other Care is but Slavery--O.

Then I'll be the Captain's Lady--O,
Farewell all my Friends and my Daddy--O;
I'll wait no more at home,
But I'll follow with the Drum,
And whene'er that beats, I'll be ready--O.
Dumbarton's Drums sound bonny--O,
They are sprightly like my dear Jonny--O:
How happy shall I be,
When on my Soldier's Knee,
And he kisses and blesses his Annie--O!

T:Dumbarton's Drums
S:Orpheus Caledonius, 1733
F/G/|A3/2 c/ A/c/ A/G/|FccB/ A/|G/F/ G/ A/ B/A/ G/F/|\
Deec/d/|ff/ g/ a/g/ f/ d/|c/A/ c/ d/ fF/ A/|\
G/A/ f/ d/ c/A/ G/ F/|Cdd||c/ d/|ff/ g/ a/b/ a/ g/|\
faag/ f/|g/f/ f/a/ b/a/ g/f/|dggf/d/|\
c/ d/ f/ g/ a/g/ f/d/|c/ A/ c/ d/ ff/ g/|\
a/g/ f/ d/ c/A/ G/ F/|Ddd|]