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Posted By: Don Firth
29-Jan-02 - 01:55 PM
Thread Name: Why the cigarette in the guitar?
Subject: RE: Why the cigarette in the guitar?
Walt Robertson told me that he picked up the "cigarette on the headstock" thing from Josh White. He said that another stunt Josh White used to pull would be to stick a lit cigarette behind his ear, like a pencil, then launch into a song (granted, usually a fairly short song). Used to drive people crazy wondering when he was going to set fire to his hair and/or blister the side of his head. At the end of the song, he'd casually reach for the cigarette and take a luxurious drag.

Once, one of Churchill's political adversaries was due to deliver a speech. As the speech started, Churchill lit up one of his ever-present stogies. The speech droned on and Chuchill puffed away and the ash on the cigar got longer and longer, eventually achieving what appeared to be a physically impossible length. The listeners got so fascinated wondering when the ash was going to drop that no one remembered anything about the speech. This, of course, was exactly what Churchill had in mind when prior to the beginning of the speech, he inserted a long hat-pin lengthwise through the cigar.

Don Firth