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Posted By: Deckman
28-Jan-02 - 07:33 PM
Thread Name: Why the cigarette in the guitar?
Subject: RE: Why the cigarette in the guitar?
This is an old performers trick from long ago. The first, and best, that I ever saw was Walt Robertson. He would light the cigarette, puff a bit, introduce the song, puff and bit, and s l o w l y spear the cigarette on a long string. You were mesmerized between the words of his song introduction and watching the ash of the cigarette. Then ... he would start to sing the song. It was always something of a contest. Would the ash fall from the cigarette before the song ended? He was a master! As the ash got longer, he would start to sway with his body and guitar. Would he knock the ash off? He never lost. (I've often suspected that he speared the cigarette with a fine wire to hold the ash ridged). The bottom line ... just another great performers trick to keep attention. POST SCRIPT ... cigarettes killed Walt. Bob