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Posted By: catspaw49
14-Mar-99 - 08:04 PM
Thread Name: INFO/Opinions:Taylor,Larivee,Collings,et al.
Subject: RE: INFO/Opinions:Taylor,Larivee,Collings,et al.
Well I'm glad we got some comments, and very astute ones at that. Personally, I am in no position to comment on any of these or many others as my closest association has often been a half hour at my favorite store on any of them.

I too have noticed the abundance of Taylors being used everywhere. Karen and I went to a Lilith Fair concert last year, and for awhile I thought that Taylor must be sponsoring the damn thing! They do have a powerful sound, seemingly stonger in mid-range, that gives an even "Throatier" sound than Martin. Generally they are similarly priced and discounted so as to be comparable and makes them a strong competitor.

I was interested in Rick's comment about Larrivee being soft voiced instruments. I also find them to be very sweet and unique in tone. Always think of Larrivee when anyone mentions blindfolds and turned backs. They also seem to have a very comfortable fretboard and neck. Since they are still available with some customizing at an affordable price, there is also that "one off" element. I can no longer afford to buy guitars for the hell of it and Larrivee is my last "dream."

Loved all your comments on Laskin and others. There is also Ferrington, possibly too weird too mention? The others I've spent a happy half with have all been wonderful instruments that were undoubtedly wondering when this hack was going to leave them alone. You can always here a collective sigh of relief from the megabucks rack when they realize I got NO money!!!! Elderly keeps saying this is the "Golden Age of Lutherie" and I gotta' agree. But most of us can't afford this stuff and when I consider what I have invested currently, it's somewhat humorous..... A Martin copy Tak bought for next to nothing and in desparation, sounds absolutely superb! We may all disagree on this, but my 17 year old Ovation 12 sounds good and I think it was $425.00 used. My D-28 I stole from an idiot who was about to be evicted for $550.00. Including Karen's Ovation, which I detest, I've only got about $1300.00 in guitars at the moment...just enough to pay for the soundhole on a Collings!!!