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Posted By: catspaw49
12-Mar-99 - 08:53 AM
Thread Name: INFO/Opinions:Taylor,Larivee,Collings,et al.
Subject: RE: INFO/Opinions:Taylor,Larivee,Collings,et al.

A promising business announced today that they are folding. 'Paw and Cletus have gone under. It was their fervent hope to take many of you out hunting and also to acquire some vintage instruments at the same time as this type of acquisition had worked so well with the late and lamented Buford. Unfortunately I was introducing Cletus to the Mudcat when he ran across the Immaturity Test Site on the Lighten Up thread and something snapped. He sat and stared at it for 3 days without food or sleep and finally had to be committed to the "Neil Young Center for the Terminally Screwed" with a prognosis that doesn't look good. 'Paw became distraught and was last seen wandering around the wastewater plant muttering, "Beware of Algerian pants pressers." Very sad...thought you should know.