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Posted By: Mudlark
01-Jan-02 - 10:46 PM
Thread Name: Dead air in buildings - making you sick?
Subject: RE: Dead air in buildings - making you sick?
I get sick in: grocery stores, discount stores, libraries, especially newer ones, new houses, all trailers, is very hard to escape the chemicals, outgassing, etc. Symptoms range from mental whiteout to resp. reactions. so I no longer shop in discount stores and I limit my groc. shopping to short, well-organized bursts. At home, I researched and found what is essentially just whitewash mold inhibitors, no insecticide, no formaldehyde. For the small bit of carpeting I have, I have a very good vacuum, with a good filter. I use only clear water and vinegar for cleaning...everything...and bon ami for scrubbing out sink/toilet/tub. I have not found air cleaners to be all that helpful, and the noise drives me crazy. Neg. ion machines don't work for me either. I use old furniture, mostly wood, and all cotton bedding. I grow an organic garden. I air the house out a couple of times a day, even in cold weather, just for the air exchange...and all this has helped my sick building syndrome immensely. Good luck,'s a tough call when the world you live in makes you sick!