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Posted By: Sam Hudson
07-Mar-99 - 07:56 AM
Thread Name: Info/Opinions RE: Ovation,Takemine,Yamaha
Subject: RE: Info/Opinions RE: Ovation,Takemine,Yamaha
I've never been a fan of Ovations - I never felt comfortable playing one and the sound wasn't good enough to compensate for that - not by a long shot.

I've never owned a Yamaha, but played any number - all have been respectable instruments and some of the older FG models have been sweet indeed.

I have a lot of time for Takamine guitars; mine has a red cedar top that's getting better and better and was by no means bad to start with - warm and rounded and full. The on-board electrics are pretty good for the price, and flexible when you're gigging - it's a godsend to have the parametrics when you're trying to lose feedback. They're good 'working' guitars, all round, IMHO - and not so teeth-grindingly expensive that you're afraid to take them into a session!