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Posted By: catspaw49
06-Mar-99 - 09:57 PM
Thread Name: Info/Opinions RE: Ovation,Takemine,Yamaha
Subject: RE: Info/Opinions RE: Ovation,Takemine,Yamaha
Of course it is Allen, you're quite right, and I know these threads may seem a little silly from that point of view. We all play what we like and what we can afford.

The idea for this series of "Brand" threads is to provide a little insight for people who are considering something new and would like to know what some of their fellow Mudcateers have experienced. Plus Max had also made a comment (not about guitars) regarding the younger people picking the brains of us old farts before we kick-off. Well why not a little brain picking on guitars too? This will also help to compile the info in one series of threads instead of scattered all over the place.

I mean like Brother Fielding alone has owned over a hundred guitars including "Pedro the Implosive." I think Roger and many others have excellent knowledge and experience and aren't afraid to speak up. Mick has spent a substantial portion of his time and income at Elderly, and I've owned just shy of fifty, some good, some bad. Sandy, Art and many others have opinions which I value highly, and hopefully we can all give a little insight for those who are going to invest in only one good guitar.

I hope you take no offense at what I've said because I thank you for giving me the place to say it again...I started the first thread with the explanation, but haven't used it since. ......And if you're not playin' that OO very often, I got these guys, 'Paw and Cletus, that would love to take you deer hunting.