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Posted By: harpgirl
18-Dec-01 - 08:05 PM
Thread Name: Guns and hunting
Subject: RE: Guns and hunting
I posted nothing on this thread anonymously, for the record. Let someone who has been raped at gunpoint by a law professor speak on this subject again. The rest of you should be quiet and listen and think!!!

Here are my questions for the individuals who carry firearms:P

Do you have alcohol and firearms in your home?

Do you imbibe alcohol and have firearms in your home?

Do you know anyone who has committed suicide with a firearm?

Are you on probation and do you own a firearm?

Are you on parole and do you own a firearm?

Have you crossed a state line with your firearm?

Are you on disability for a mental condition such as bi-polar disorder and do you own a firearm?

Have you concealed a firearm without proper permitting?

Have you ever knowingly broken a firearm law with the rationalization that you won't do anything stupid?

Kendall I am publically apologizing for my outburst. But I don't apologize for being afraid of guns. I have reason to be afraid of them. I have vowed to stay away from people who knowingly own and carry firearms. I don't let people in my office with firearms and believe me they bring them in!!!

If you own and carry firearms, do me a favor and don't come around me. I am terrified of them and the people who carry them....harpgirl