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Posted By: Maxine
18-Dec-01 - 01:01 PM
Thread Name: Guns and hunting
Subject: RE: Guns and hunting
We were in Florida in October. My son wanted a pair of aggressive roller skates (don't ask!) and so we decided to look in a shop called 'Outdoor World' stupidly thinking it may stock skates and perhaps golf accessories etc. Now, I know us Brits are not big on this outdoor life, but I have to say I was appalled. Deer and buffalo heads bedecked every wall. Guns, various traps, combat gear so brave men could hide themselves in the woods and elude attack by these vicious beasts adourned every shelf. I hurried my 2 kids out of that shop, and tried very hard to answer the 'whys?' and 'what fors?' they were asking. But the truth is, I had no answers for them. I have no idea what would want to make a grown man (or woman) shoot a deer etc to put it's head on a wall and hope everybody who see's this trophy imagines they must be some brave hero, not too scared to enter a forest, armed with a gun, and shoot something. Now, I have read all the previous posts, and know that this is not the case for all of you. A lot of you seem quite decent and aware that animals lives are also worth a great deal. I am aware, that as a meat eater, leather wearer etc, I may be hypocrital. But as a sport, surely hunting of any sort (don't get me started on fox hunting, badger baiting) is completely barbaric? Katlaughing, every time I read that poem it upsets me...perhaps I'm just emotional with all these christmas carols around!