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Posted By: catspaw49
18-Dec-01 - 12:49 PM
Thread Name: Guns and hunting
Subject: RE: Guns and hunting
Making hunter safety courses mandatory would certainly help, no two ways about it. As I posted above, my nephew David really enjoyed and learned from them...but such is the passion of youth. My fear is that so many other things, they would become diluted over time for "experienced" hunters who would feel it was unneeded in "their case." I'm really not sure what a solution there is, but I will say that the drinking hunter is a bigger problem. Sadly there are too few wildlife personnel to enforce any law that might be passed so we'd have yet another unenforceable law.

I guess we were talking about this several years ago too, here at the 'Cat. What bothered me then is still going on today and that's the beer company banners wishing the hunters good luck......yeah.......Stop and buy a six pack before you head out with a gun in your hands. It's the same thing as drinking and driving I know, but at least the bigger breweries have put a few bucks into the "Don't Drink and Drive" campaigns while at the same time offering their best to hunters without mention of safety. Well, what should I expect anyway............

Last year in NASCAR there was a car sponsored by Remington, with collateral sponsorship from Ice House in a series sponsored by Winston/RJ Reynolds. Yeah, let's do some unhealthy shit, drink a few, and drive fast on our way to the woods to shoot something. Geeziz..........

LJ, once again, I'm sorry and perhaps none of this applies to this poor family. It's odd though, that our first discussion of this very subject introduced Paw, Cletus, and Buford in a fictional scenario, now all too real.