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Posted By: Chip2447
17-Dec-01 - 11:38 PM
Thread Name: Guns and hunting
Subject: RE: Guns and hunting
I'm going to toss in another two cents worth. In 1926 the state of Missouri banned deer hunting because the animal was nearly gone from the area, wildlife estimates at the time stated less than 400 deer remained in the state.
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In fact, many cities in the state allow archery hunting inside the city limits to control the urban herd.
With few remaining natural predators remaining, wildlife officials now estimate the population of wild deer in missouri to be nearly one million animals.
If you chose not to hunt that would be your prerogative. If you chose not to eat meat, then that is your choice also. I'll respect your choices. Try to respect mine.
I sympathize with those who have had friends and family injured or killed in hunting accidents, but many of them can be avoided; hunt in areas where you know who is likely to be in the area, wear Hunter saftey orange, NEVER FIRE AT NOISE, ALWAYS VISIBLY IDENTIFY YOUR TARGET, know what lies in your line of fire. Drinking and getting drunk have no business in a hunting party, save it for camp or the lodge.
Okay, I'm stepping down off of my soapbox for the time being.