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Posted By: GUEST,Be real careful with a 'dehumidifier'
17-Dec-01 - 11:21 PM
Thread Name: Protecting the finish on a new Martin?
Subject: RE: Protecting the finish on a new Martin?
I absolutely agree with the case thing. Spend whatever you have to for a good case to protect it if u love it. Consider the case's ability to look out the atmosphere and the wet.

A little damp is a good thing, witness all the humidifiers for guitars. I would worry more that a drying agent in the case would be uneven and could cause warping.
Play it often and you'll know whats going on with it. An unfortunate turn or an unwelcome knock will probably be much more dangerous. If you store it for longer than you want\intended to, and every musician has done this, just make sure its in a good case away from extreme heat or cold.

Best of luck, and remember no matter what happens your guitar always wants you back and it's _always_ the best time to learn, no matter how good\bad you are.