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Posted By: gnu
17-Dec-01 - 05:10 PM
Thread Name: Guns and hunting
Subject: RE: Guns and hunting
Great... the phone company is sending out an installer to check the line AGAIN because the line test syays everything is okay, AGAIN. I'm going to park on the street and when the installer parks in my driveway, I'm gonna block him in and not let him leave until it's fixed.

AHEM... One potatoe is sliced very thin so that it thickens the stew... flour and corn starch were in short supply when my forefathers arrived in the new world. The partridge, preferably two or three Birch (ruffed gruse) and one Spruce, for added flavour (spruce partridge), are boiled first for an hour or so depending on time of year taken because the feed influences tenderness (as well as taste... birds taken while eating alder and poplar leaves will taste much differently than those eating maple seeds and bugs). Of course, one never eats stew the same day as it is cooked. It must "set" to reach it's ultimate flavour.

As far as putting it in the garage, it's all to do with what Mick was talking about. Putting the stew in the fridge is not traditional. Setting it in an outbuilding to keep it cool is paying homage to tradition. You, of course, don't want it to freeze freeze, but almost freezing brings out the taste of the carrots and turnip. Gee, I must go have a plate.

BTW, I see that local craft shows are selling partridge feathers for $5 for a small baggy. That's around a hundred bucks a bird. I could make a bloody fortune but I wouldn't be able to sleep at night because I don't need the money as much as I need to return what I do not use to Mother Nature.