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Posted By: Chip2447
17-Dec-01 - 04:54 PM
Thread Name: Guns and hunting
Subject: RE: Guns and hunting
There have always been unlocked guns in my parents house, through four children, and uncountable friends, cousins, visitors. There has NEVER been an incident involving firearms in my parents household. We were taught firearm safety, and we knew better than to touch the weapons without adult supervision. That was the Law.
When we hunt we consume what we harvest. HARVEST. There are more deer in the state of Missouri now than there ever have been before. Without seasonal hunts we would soon be overrunn by "Bambi." How many of us would be demanding that something be done to keep destructive animals out of gardens, and front yards and off the highways, where if I'm not mistaken, The American Whitetail deer kills or injures more people in the USA due to collisions with vehicles yearly than does any other animal, excluding man. How many of us would be demanding that something bee done to help the poor starving animals because we were hit with a harsh winter? How many farmers would be demanding that something bee done to keep animals from destroying their livlihood Eating meat is an instinct, not doing so is a choice.
Nuff said... Happy Holidays Chip2447