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Posted By: alanww
10-Dec-01 - 06:29 AM
Thread Name: BS: Who posts the most?
Subject: Who posts the most?
The other day I was looking through the log of the postings of a friend of mine in order to find a thread that I couldn't by using the seach mechanism. I was impressed to see that she (no name so no potential embarassment) contributed no less than 3,269 postings since she became a Mudcatter in April 2000. Wow! That's 38 per week or 5.3 per day! (Personally, I have only managed 172 since Sept 2000 - or 11 per week.) 38 per week seem quite a lot to me but I'm sure its not the record!
So who is the biggest post-a-holic?! And what is there record number? (And, by the way, is there a post-a-holics anonymous?)

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