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Posted By: GUEST,Frank
05-Dec-01 - 11:32 AM
Thread Name: INFO/Opinions:Taylor,Larivee,Collings,et al.
Subject: RE: INFO/Opinions:Taylor,Larivee,Collings,et al.
I have tried Taylors. I've tried Larivees. Tried Collings. Galllaghers, and some of the other makers.

I have come to this conclusion. It all depends on the player and the style of music. Also, what sounds good live in concert may not sound so great in recording.

I have a Martin 0021 with a Sunrise pickup. The neck was adjusted by John Carruthers in California and I haven't touched it since. I can't find a guitar that I like better than it. I like it's versatility and have used it on folk, jazz and classical music gigs. I've played it in bands and solo.

These are all fine guitars. It depends on the affinity that the player has for any one of them. A lot of players I know stick to one main guitar because they've grown into it. There was something that attracted them to it in the first place and they developed that by perfecting their skill on that particular instrument.

If I were to advise someone to buy an instrument it would be based on a subjective attraction.Money would be a secondary consideration. Kinda' like pickin' a marriage partner. If you're in love with the instrument, your chances of playing it better improve.

One of the things I like about my guitar is the range of music that I can play on it. I have eclectic tastes. Most of the above mentioned guitars are kinda' specialized in my opinion.

Also, I think you need to own a quality instrument for some time before a decision on it's merits for you can be reached.

I feel that every instrument has it's own "ghost" inside. It wants to play a certain type of music. I think you gotta' go with that.