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Posted By: alanww
04-Dec-01 - 12:24 PM
Thread Name: Micca's got the blues: Help him out...
Subject: RE: Micca's got the blues: Help him out...
Hi Micca, my old pal,
Did you sleep well? Would you (both!?) like a cup of tea? My pleasure! And how about a song? *Clears throat*
I like to rise when the sun she rises ...!
Oops, sorry! Was that a bit loud? Yes, I can turn up the volume a bit too much sometimes ... Really? I hadn't realised that you had consumed so many ciders last night. Well, it just serves you right, doesn't it! OK i will be quiet(er). But how about a gentler song (with a message)?
Row on, row on, another day
May shine with brighter light
Ply, ply the oars and pull away
There's dawn beyond the night.
Stick at it mate! You will come out the other side! All the best.