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Posted By: Jo Taylor
18-Feb-99 - 07:22 PM
Thread Name: Where are all the black country songs?
Subject: Lyr/Tune Add: A Desperate Boxing Match^^
The eighth song, "I CAN'T FIND BRUMMAGEM" is in the DT. Here is the ninth - all notes as in the booklet.
Song, on a Desperate Boxing Match: fought between
Henry Griffiths of Birmingham
Benjamin Baylis of Wednesbury
near the town of Sutton
On Tuesday, October the 15th, 1816

Notes - from a C19th Broadsheet - the original sheet can be seen in Birmingham Reference Library.

I. For staunch and firm bottom there never was known
A contest more worthy of fame and renown.
Than one fought 'tween Griffiths and Baylis, of late,
On conquest both bent and for vict'ry elate.

Chorus:And it's come, all ye who listen to me
And never to scorn of the Black Country.

2. October the fifteenth at one in the day,
Began this most bloody and terrible fray,
Determin'd they both were on ent'ring the field,
To forfeit their lives before ever they'd yield.

3.Two hundred and thirteen hard rounds were display'd,
Not one nor the other e'er once seemed afraid;
For more than four hours did the contest prevail,
And vict'ry, o'er both, still held level her scale.

4. No shuffling ner tricks, ner a moment's delay,
Of cowardice once gave the smallest display;
For half minute rests were all the rests giv'n,
To such severe fighting the contest was driv'n.

5. The seconds and urnpires unable to say,
On which side the contest the victory lay,
Declar'd a drawn battle, as th'only sure road,
To stop the two heroes from shedding more blood.

6. May Birmingham and Wednesb'ry henceforth agree,
And friends their inhabitants evermore be;
When they meet, be they social and pleasant inclin'd,
And give their old grievances all to the wind.

And here's the tune:
F2|"A"C2E2E2|FE3E2|"D"c B3A2|"A"E6-|E4E2|"E"B2B2B2|B2A2B2|"A"c2c3B|A6-|A 4E 2|C2E2E2|F2E3E|"D"cB3A2|"A"E6-|E4E2|"E"B2B2B2|B2A2B2|"A"c2c3B|A2A2F2|"E" E 6|G6|d4E2|G4B2|"A"A2A2F2|E4E2|"A"cc4c|"E7"d2B2G2|"D"A2A3A|"A"A4|