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Posted By: Jo Taylor
18-Feb-99 - 07:19 PM
Thread Name: Where are all the black country songs?
Subject: ADD: Our Eynuch - Black Country Song
Here's the fifth item (poem)- don't ask me to translate! Notes as in booklet.
Our Eynuch.

Notes -
This classic poem from Dr. Fletcher's collection needs no introduction.

Our Eyrnich bay quite jed,
Nor never wull be,
O'd Eynuch bay fergot
Nor niver con be.
Tek a sank around Blackheath,
Or down the tump an in't o'd 'Ills
Stond annunst the cross fer 'arf -an-hour
Just t'watch the Folken all goo by.
Yoh'll see 'im theer as big as life,
O'd Eynuch, our Eynuch.

Our Eynuch left is mark,
Yoh can't mistaike et, see?
Is ommer prints bin 'ere
An always wull be.
Just look in all the nailshops,
If some hey the'er, that meks no odds.
See that ooman scruven up the gledes?
That's 'er wot fashions all the nails,
Yoh'll bet 'er mon bay fer away,
O'd Eynuch, our Eynuch.

Our Eynuch med big chains
(Is ooman med the small).
See them the'er big anchors?
Eynuch med um all.
In Cradley Heath yoh'll find 'im
Around any chain shop in the day,
Or if it's night look in the pubs
(Yoh'll seem urn nustled 'gainst the cherch)
O'd Eynuch, our Eynuch.

No Eynuch bay quite jed,
Nor he never wull be.
O'd Eynuch bay fergot,
Nor never con be,
'Ast ever sid a Jews 'Arp?
'E med um all be Rowley Cherch.
Stand atop Hawes Hill an look a'down
See all them lights annunst the cut,
He used to puddle iron theer
O'd Eynuch, our Eynuch.