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Posted By: Jo Taylor
18-Feb-99 - 07:17 PM
Thread Name: Where are all the black country songs?
Subject: ADD: Come all yew blaids what's mariyed
Here's the third song. All notes as in booklet.

Come all yew blaids what's mariyed

Notes - As sung by Miss Dawtry of Tettenhall. This collected fragment (J.R. 1964) has also been passed down through Miss Dawtry's family.

The tune is a very beautiful one and it is possible that the originator of the song borrowed the tune from elsewhere. The pauses marked, Miss Dawtry says, were often quite long and the singer would use them for dramatic effect and to see how his audience was reacting to the song.

Come all ye blaids what's mariyed (pause)
And yew shun hear a tale
Of what befell poor Jimmy Vight
He died last night, he'd never died afore (pause)
For he did ate some sheep's yed brath*
And he did fall stiff, stark, stone jed
Under the table, och!

*Sheep's head broth

Ri-too-ler-oo-ler-oo Ri-too-ler-oo

And the tune (the rests that look like 7's should have that indefinite length symbol over them but I couldn't work out how to do bar lines in the original):
CFG_A2F((3G/2F/2G/2)C2z/2CFG_A_Bc_B_AGF2CFG_A2 F/2G/2F/2 GC2CFG_A_Bc2z/2|!CFG/2_A/2FGFGC2CFG_A_Bc_B_A2G/2A/2G/2FFF2CFG_A_Bc2_BG_AF2