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Posted By: Jo Taylor
18-Feb-99 - 07:16 PM
Thread Name: Where are all the black country songs?
Subject: Lyr/Tune Add: Wedgebury Cocking - Black Country
Here's the second song. All notes as in the booklet.
Wedgebury Cocking

Notes - As sung by Miss Dawtry of Tettenhall. This collected version (J.R. 1964) was passed down from Miss Dawtry's grandfather. He employed young women in his Blacksmith's shop near the Ring O'Bells in Churchfields, West Bromwich, and he learned the song from them. Miss Dawtry's version is of six verses (four lines per verse) each of which occurs in the broadsheet version. We have omitted them since the important points in this version are the tune and the chorus.

Bunny Hide got a lump in his throat
As was like to have stopped his breath
The beef it was old and tough
Off a bull that was baited to death

Ril-fol-did-dy Rol-did-dy Fol-did-dy Rol-did-dy
Fol-did-dy Rol-did-dy eh-yah

Here's the tune, as written in the book - looks very odd - only 2 bar lines & no obvious rhythm - make of it what you will, I'm just copying! :-)
dddaaaaaa2|ag^fdd^c^cd2|ddaaaaa2ag^fdde^c^cd2a2 d/2d/2d/2 d/2d/2d/2 dddde^fAAAABcd2d2|
Hmm - thought I might suggest this instead:
(d/2d/2)|daa|aaa|a3-|az(a/2g/2)|fdd|c2c|d3-|dzd|daa|a2a|a3-|aza/2g/2|fdd|ecc|d3-|dza| d2(d/2d/2)|d2(d/2d/2)|ddd|def|AAA|ABc|d3|d2|