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Posted By: catspaw49
07-Nov-01 - 08:27 PM
Thread Name: Who is like Jean Ritchie?
Subject: RE: Who is like Jean Ritchie?
Well I got here late and a lot of what I would say has been said. Jean is simply remarkable and there are few people in folk who would not acknowledge the tremendous debt we owe her. I'm always happy to get another Jean Ritchie fan Alex.......What a wonderful woman.

It has been a pleasure and a gift to have her here at the 'Cat. When the state of Kentucky made the dulcimer their instrument and then declared a day for Jean at which she donated the very dulcimer she took with her to New York so many years ago, it was a special occasion and a lot of us here were there in spirit as weplayed along with Jean's "Amazing Grace" at the same time from many miles away. Mary in Kentucky was able to be there for the actual event too.

Kat is right on Edna BTW.....The Ritchie family had a "Family Voice" as distinctive and beautiful as the mountains from which they came and a sense of history and time and tradition as wonderful as the river valley where you'll find their home in Viper. I met a niece of Jean's nieces in college and she was distinctly a Ritchie. I've told a story about Jean playing one night in Hindman at the Setllement School over 30 years ago now and the influence and understanding I gained that evening as I listened to her.

Also Alex, not nearly so "sweet" but every bit as authentic and true is another of my favorites, Frank Proffitt. Sandy recorded him many years ago and they just released the compilation that had been on tape as a CD.....It's freakin' wonderful!!!! Edna's tape is available from Sandy too and in it you will hear a beautiful voice and one of the most tasteful applications of mountain dulcimer you will ever hear.