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Posted By: Steve in Idaho
07-Nov-01 - 05:58 PM
Thread Name: All-time favourite guitar lick
Subject: RE: All-time favourite guitar lick
Guest Steve - took me a day to learn it also - and I can still do it - the timing was a killer!! Takes a good rythm guitarist to hold the beat for it.

ddw - I saw Chet do this live and he was BSing with the audience while he did it. Talked about how he was bored one night and just kind of playing when he realized he was doing this double song. He preceeded the elaborate little deal with a "I'm a bit behind because I've been talking to much so I'll do two at once to get caught up."

Norman Blake's chorus picking on "Greycoat Soldiers."

And an obscure little rendition Blake did on "Under the Double Eagle" that I've been trying to learn for the last couple hundred years!! I can do it slow - but not at his speed.